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1917: Jammie Reynolds, daredevil, Washington D.C.
1917: Jammie Reynolds, daredevil, Washington D.C.

1917: Jammie Reynolds, daredevil, Washington D.C.

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1917: Jammie Reynolds, daredevil, Washington D.C.

(Unknown / Library of Congress)

“Jammie” Reynolds went under a number of names - John Reynolds; Jack Reynolds; Jug Reynolds; “The Human Fly”; “The Climbing Wonder”; and “The Lizard”.  He began his vocation at the age four, astonishing his parents and neighbours by balancing on the back of the furniture.

Jammie’s first public appearance came two years later, aged six, balancing with his father - a steeplejack - on a fifty foot high flag-pole, on a ninety foot high building in Buffalo. Aged 12, Jammie ascended the side of Boston’s Old South building.  He crowned this achievement by then balancing on four chairs on top of five tables, one on top of the other.  This stunt he repeated at New York’s Flat Iron building, in 1912, aged 21.

Jammie was 26 when this picture was taken.  He is balancing over the Lansburgh furniture building on 9th NW, Washington D.C. Soon after, with America’s entry into the Great War, Jammie was stationed at Kelly’s Field Air Base.  After the War he developed a Vaudeville theatre balancing routine.



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