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1906: San Francisco in ruins
1906: San Francisco in ruins

1906: San Francisco in ruins

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1906: San Francisco in ruins from Lawrence Captive Airship 2000 feet [660 m] above San Francisco Bay overlooking waterfront. Sunset over Golden Gate.

(George R. Lawrence / Library of Congress)

At a quarter past five on the morning of Wednesday April 18th, 1906, San Francisco was hit by a massive earthquake. By the end of the week, the city was in ruins.  Four fifths of San Francisco was gone, destroyed by not only the earthquake but also by the devastating fires that followed in its wake. 3,000 lives were lost, and more than 200,000 people - from a total population of 410,000 - were without homes.

This picture was taken by George R. Lawrence using a kite flying at 2000 feet (600 m). Lawrence, whose Chicago studio used the strapline "The hitherto impossible in photography is our specialty", sold prints of the image at $125 each. He generated at least $15,000 in sales.



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