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1935: Robert Johnson, blues singer and guitarist
1935: Robert Johnson, blues singer and guitarist

1935: Robert Johnson, blues singer and guitarist

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1935: Robert Johnson, blues singer and guitarist


Just 27 when he died, Robert Leroy Johnson is arguably the most influential blues singer, songwriter and guitarist of all time - despite having recorded only 29 songs.  He was largely unknown until the posthumous release of his music in 1961.

Employing at least eight different surnames, and with three possible graves, lack of documentary evidence has given rise to seemingly endless myths about Johnson: most significantly, that he sold his soul to the devil at a Mississippi Delta crossroads in exchange for supernatural talent at the guitar.

This photo-booth picture is one of only two confirmed photographs of Johnson. The guitar he is holding is likely to be a Room 414 of the Gunter 1935-1936 Gibson L-00 model, with a capo on the second fret.  Whatever the truth about the origin of his talent, the picture shows that Johnson had what appear to be remarkably long fingers.




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